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Mohamed Abdullah – Systems Administrator

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Mohamed AbdullahThis dude is our “root”. When Iraq got into this.. eh.. “inconvenient” situation a few years ago, Mohamed asked for shelter as he claims to be a pacifist. The AK47 assault rifle in his photo is legitimate and purchased from eBay for self defense purposes only. Here is the proof:

Mohamed’s Firearm Possession Permit. Valid, of course.

In fact, you should consider getting one too. I’ve heard they have discounts for mass purchases. Here is the ad Mohamed gave me a while ago:

Get guns off the streets - buy one yourself!

It happened that Dizzy Jones was the one who noticed his talent. Believe it or not but Mohamed Abdullah is the best systems administrator you can have. After he got hired at SHIT Inc. all employees suddenly stopped complaining about router configurations, proxy restrictions, broken keyboards, no Internet connection, etc. Isn’t it wonderful?

However, this great guy has a small issue – he’s not a social person. But you won’t find a good systems administrator that is. That must be another law of physics. First law of physics was “There is no designer that is not gay”. I’m going to start writing them down somewhere. Mohamed also lacks a sense of humor but that’s fine – different cultures laugh at different things.

When asked a question “What do you do after work, Mohamed?” he knits his brows and answers “I SET UP FIREWALLS, WHY?”.

For the unbelievably low budget spent on hardware for the past year Dizzy Jones entitled Mohamed Abullah as “Employee of the Year 2007” and gave him this valuable gift CD with authentic autograph on it:

Valuable Gift CD with Dizzy Jones’ autograph!

Be sure to say hi to this dude next time you see him on metro! Don’t be afraid – deep inside he’s friendly and sensitive!


Written by Ken Benchmark Jr.

January 28, 2008 at 12:23 pm